In Addition to PAIN & GAIN, I have researched, developed and written two major non-fiction stories intended for book and/or film consideration.
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17 DEAD IN MIAMI: How a rookie crime reporter stalked - and nabbed - a murderous predator. This reporter-as-sleuth story is a unique contribution to American crime journalism. A harried manhunt through back alleys, an investigative procedural, and a breathless thriller, 17 DEAD takes the reader along on my journey to ensnare a methodical murderer who killed at least seventeen young women in glittering 1980's Miami. In pursuit of a hunch, I confronted staggering obstacles - from the mayor to homicide squads to the medical examiners - even my editor. It was clear: no one believed me - few wanted me to nail down this shocking string of crimes. This pointed to corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels of politics and law enforcement. As my investigation bogged down in a swamp of official denial and obfuscation, the stakes

grew more personal - even deadly. Nevertheless, I plunged forward on Miami's meanest streets in this intense tropical noir mystery. Twenty years after solving Miami’s most complex murder case, I was recognized with a proclamation issued by Miami-Dade’s mayor and commissioners: “Pete Collins’ exemplifies the best qualities of investigative journalism: a search for
the truth, the willingness to speak this truth to power, and the pursuit of this truth for justice alone. In particular, Pete Collins’ work investigating the mysterious deaths of 17 young Miami women led to the acknowledgement by law enforcement agencies that these deaths were in fact murders, and his investigation ultimately led to the capture of the suspect of these heinous crimes.”
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MIAMI MEMOIR is the story of my life with my father Jack Collins: A drunk's drunk, a lousy criminal, he rose from a maze of madmen and murderers to mythical national status by ripping the mask off Alcoholics Anonymous, changing the face of addiction treatment in America—forever. MIAMI MEMOIR captures the real Miami of the late-1950s and 1960s, not as "the sun and fun capital of the world," but as a noir twilight period. This story is unique within the memoir/addiction genre because: MIAMI MEMOIR reveals the little-known story of Jack Collins and his improbable journey from prisoner to pioneer in the alcoholism recovery movement.  A historical character, Jack was the director of the nation's first alcoholism rehabilitation program. As such, he was summoned by kings, senators, and movie stars
for the wisdom and experience he acquired during his hard-won battle with booze; yet Jack preferred spending time with his beloved “winos and winettes” – and me. MIAMI MEMOIR explores Jack’s tremendous struggle to turn a history of destruction into a legacy of redemption. This tale is a sacred song, its anthem a chorus in the realm of recovery literature.  MIAMI MEMOIR will be required reading for academics, drunks, junkies, historians, therapists and anyone seeking a higher power -- and finding a hero in Jack Collins.
From MIAMI MEMOIR: “A Marine machine gunner in WW-II, influential man about town, gregarious story-teller admired by men and desired by women, Jack, for me, was larger than life.  While my childhood friends spent time with their fathers at backyard barbecues and little-league games, I accompanied Jack on his weekend visits to Skid Row, jails, and flop-houses.  I got a first-hand look at the underbelly of humanity on Miami’s grittiest streets and in the back rows of countless AA meetings by the time I was ten.  It’s no wonder I grew into a young man obsessed with Miami’s most interesting and off-beat characters.”