My Name is Pete Collins. A Miami native and a lifelong Floridian, I have been an investigative journalist, a university-level lecturer, and magaizne writer for decades.
I worked as a featured cover story writer for Tropic, the Sunday magazine of The Miami Herald, as a city desk reporter for the Miami News, and as a senior staff writer for Miami New Times.  My investigative reporting has been featured on network and cable television news magazines including 60 Minutes (with Mike Wallace). I earned two advanced writing degrees at Florida International University: an MS in Journalism and Mass Communications and an MFA in Creative Writing.  I have taught writing classes in English and all aspects of journalism at the University of Miami, Florida International University, and the University of Central Florida.  I teach investigative-reporting seminars throughout Florida.
PAIN & GAIN, originally my creative non-fiction thesis at FIU, was bought by Miami New Times newspaper.
It was published as a 3-part serial cover story, a 30,000 word real-life tale about steroid-infused bodybuilders at Miami’s Sun Gym. The Sun Gym gang hatched a criminal scheme as bold as it was stupid, as bumbling as it was deadly.  The story “reads like a Carl Hiaasen novel on steroids,” claimed New Times executive editor Chuck Strouse.  The Florida Supreme Court noted these crimes “involved a spree of murder and mayhem so heinous and bizarre that one would only expect to see it in a crime drama."  PAIN & GAIN’s mastermind, and his Sun Gym sidekick, are ensconced on Florida’s death row for first-degree murder, armed kidnapping, armed robbery, racketeering, grand theft and first-degree arson.
Paramount Pictures purchased PAIN & GAIN for director Michael Bay who compares the dark comedy to FARGO and PULP FICTION. Bay has cast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Anthony Mackie as the primary Sun Gym muscle goons. Ed Harris is slated to play Schiller’s savvy private investigator, Ed Du Bois, and Israeli supermodel Bar Paly is cast as the Romanian exotic dancer and Penthouse model Sabina Petrescu.