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PAIN & GAIN: the Major Motion Picture By Michael Bay. It's the #1 Movie in America!
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Dateline MIAMI -- In the murder capital of the United States, how does one crime story become the consuming passion of the world’s most successful director?  It beats the hell out of me, but 14 years after I wrote PAIN & GAIN, Michael Bay is making a feature film based on my articles about the now-infamous Sun Gym gang – a band of knuckleheaded bodybuilders who became confederates in an abduction-torture-extortion-murder ring gone haywire.

I spent 2 years investigating PAIN & GAIN, digging through 67 boxes of court documents in the felony records division of the MiamiDade courthouse, and invested five months of my life attending the trial
that decided the fate of the Sun Gym thugs. Published as a three-part series in Miami New Times, my tale of the Sun Gym gang somehow reached Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay – who became as obsessed with this story as I did. I waited seven years for Bay to direct three Transformers films, and finally, PAIN & GAIN was filmed in Miami earlier this year.

Bay stacked his film with top Hollywood talent including Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ed Harris and Anthony Mackie.  And the ubiquitous Bay babe?  Super model Bar Paly playing the gorgeous exotic dancer, Sabina.

Want the whole PAIN & GAIN story?  Download the PAIN & GAIN ebook. It's my complete Miami crime tale - the story that compelled Paramount Studios and director Michael Bay to make the major motion picture.
In my pipeline are two equally compelling non-fiction stories, perfectly suited for cinematic adaptation.  Read about 17 DEAD and MIAMI MEMOIR on the NEXT tab of this site.